Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yesterday i picked up this bad boy. I've not been this excited about an album since....well the last Combichrist one.

Is this album worth the hype? in one word i would have to say OHGODYES! This is by far the most anticipated Combichrist album, and after the tour de force that was 'Today we are all demons' it had a lot to live up to, and it certainly manages that and much more.

Stand out songs are:

Follow the trail of blood (featuring Brandon Schieppati of Bleeding Through) - Having Brandon do joint vocals on this track along with Andy just equals twice as much awesomeness, there similar yet distinct vocal stylings compliment each other rather than vying for top billing and this lends itself well to possibly being the best track on the album.

Fuckmachine - Does exactly what it says on the tin, and that tin say 'Be Awesome'. This song earned itself a place on my permanent playlist after only one play through.

Never Surrender - The first single from this album, and not a bad choice indeed. I can see this becoming a huge club hit very quickly, it starts as it means to go on, unrelenting and harsh. This is a rallying call for commitment to a cause, a cause you believe in and are willing do something about.


  1. looks very creepy,but i love music like Never Surrender

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  5. I haven't listened to Combichrist before, but I used to love a remix of Straigh to Video by MSI. Have you heard it? Love your page (; <3

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